Thank You

Thank You For Your Continued Support

The HCSO Benevolence Association 

Is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that was formed in 2006 as a result of a desire to help Detective Jim Hoffman, who had been diagnosed with cancer. As we all know, the medical expenses associated with cancer are great, and those who knew Jim Hoffman wanted to help meet those needs. 

In meeting those needs, the realization came that as the Harris County Sheriff’s Office continues to grow; the number of employees that may have needs would also grow.

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In 2017, a small group of cyclists from Harris County was attempting to raise the required funding to ride in the Texas Peace Officer Memorial Ride (TPOMR), which is a 150-mile bicycle ride to honor fallen Texas Peace Officers and raise money for their survivors.

The group was quite short on the required donations when the deadline hit and when finding out of that shortage, the HCSO Benevolence Association made a sizable donation that covered that shortage, allowing the group to ride in honor of our fallen officers.

Without the crucial monetary support by the Benevolence Association, we would not have been able to ride to honor our friends and coworkers who gave their lives for our society. Words cannot convey the emotions involved in participating in such an event and the support of the HCSO Benevolence Association gave us that opportunity.

Thank you for supporting Law Enforcement and the charity programs that support their survivors.

Sergeant Bryan Rudel
Harris County Sheriff Office

Bryan Rudel

Houston, TX

More times than not we don’t know in advance when death or other losses are coming our way. Neither do we know exactly when random acts nor will intentional acts of kindness fall on us. When my family experienced loss due to death, the HCSO Benevolence Association showed up in a “good neighbor” sort of way. I will not try to measure your kindness, but I will say that experience was one of the truly proud moments in my time with HCSO.

Mourn with them that mourn and rejoice with them that rejoice. Well you did and I want to say thank you.

Ken and Family

Houston, Texas

"When my mother passed away, we had several issues including covering the cost of death related issues. I was hesitant to ask for help from anyone, but had no other options available at the time. I asked the Harris County Sheriff's Office Benevolence Association for help. They were extremely courteous and understanding. They gave me what I needed on the same day. I'm not sure I can thank them enough. I am eternally grateful to have an organization like the HCSOBA to come to in tough situations."

J. Brown

Houston, TX

I am writing this with a grateful heart. I received assistance from the Benevolence Association. I was going through a very difficult time and a co-worker and I were talking and she told me about the Benevolence Association. I was always under the assumption that it was for Deputies. I spoke with Dr. Savell and he asked me when I was able to come to the office. I was pleased with the whole process. It was already a difficult situation and they did not make it worse by asking a lot of questions. I have since started payroll deductions to help support the Fund and try to encourage others to join.


Thank you again for all that you all do.

A. Roberts

Houston, TX

In early 2017, my soon to be father in law  passed away. We were using a local funeral home in the Tomball area. As we sat in the funeral home arranging payments,  my future mother in law realized that two different life insurance policies that she thought was in force were not an option to use due to exclusions. This was traumatic to the wife and the cost of the funeral was more than the new widow could afford. I reached out to Lt. Don Savell and advised him of the situation and the financial burden that was upon the surviving wife. Don advised through the Benevolence Association a generous donation would be made. He also advised of another funeral home that works with Police Officers and their families. Due to this assistance and advice “several thousands” of dollars were saved and the financial burden was immediately lifted. There is nothing more disturbing dealing with the death of a loved one and all that needs to be taken care of with the added stress of finances. Thanks to Don Savell and the Benevolence Association my mother in law to be could grieve the loss of her husband with no other worries. Thanks Don!


Sgt. Marty Kuehn

Marty Kuehn

Houston, TX

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