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The mission of the HCSO Benevolence Association is to provide financial assistance to members of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office or other 1st Responders who have suffered a catastrophic illness or loss.


" In 2017, a small group of cyclists from Harris County was attempting to raise the required funding to ride in the Texas Peace Officer Memorial Ride (TPOMR), which is a 150-mile bicycle ride to honor fallen Texas Peace officers, and raise money for their survivors. 

The group was quite short on the required donations when the deadline hit and when finding out of that shortage, the HCSO Benevolence Association made a sizable donation that covered the shortage, allowing the group to ride in honor of our fallen officers.
Without the crucial monetary support by the Benevolence Association, we would not have been able to ride to honor our friends and coworkers who gave their lives for our society. Words cannot convey the emotions involved in participating in such an event and the support of the HCSO Benevolence Association gave us that opportunity.
Thank you for supporting Law Enforcement and the charity programs that support their survivors."

Sergeant  Bryan Rudel
Houston, Tx

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