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What We Are About...

  • This program is designed to assist all employees (sworn and civilian) of the Sheriff's Office that have suffered a loss due to serious illness or catastrophic event.


  • We do not want to compete with the efforts of tremendous organizations such as the 100 Club.


  • It is our desire to centralize the fund raising efforts within the Sheriff’s Office and utilize our non-profit status, bank account, accounting etc.


  • Needs are presented to the board of directors by phone call, letter or email and a decision will be made based on the type of need in question.


  • The amount of the gift will be based on the need, i.e. some may need more or less than others etc.

  • We welcome questions you may have concerning the Association. It is our desire to be as transparent as possible to those giving to the Association.



  1. An inclination to perform kind, charitable acts.

  2.  A kindly act

  3. A gift given out of generosity.

Benevolence characterizes the true goodness of the mind and spirit, the unbiased kindness to do good. It confers thought and regard for the welfare of other people, and finds expression in sympathy and kindly gentleness and compassion, with charitableness and kindness.

Those who lack benevolence have little, if any, thought or regard for others, and a tendency to help oneself, in neglect of others.

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